Human Sacrifice and Witchdoctors

This morning I’m remembering a testimony of God’s power from a trip to Nepal last year:

May 13, 2013
By Daniel Lowry 

A small group of men were sitting before me, taking a break from our theological training session. To pass a few moments, I asked what I thought was a light-hearted question: have you seen God do anything wonderful in your church lately? I was not prepared for the story I was about to hear.

“We discovered that there was a temple near our church that every so often would do human sacrifices. When I found out I was shocked and burdened in my heart,” the brother said. It was as though the air was sucked out of the room. Human sacrifice to a pagan idol. A spark of life swallowed up in the worship of demons. We were all suddenly burdened in our hearts.

But the story took a turn of cosmic beauty. “We began praying and praying, sometimes doing the ‘Jericho prayer walking’ around the temple itself…Now, the two priests of this temple have become Christians, and they are telling people that they were wrong, and they should not do those things anymore.” Without an ounce of shame, I gladly share that I shed tears as this brother told his story. Through the ministry of this church, two men turned away from human sacrifice to the one Man who was sacrificed on our behalf – Jesus Christ. The gospel is the *power* of God unto salvation! 

Before I could even catch my breath from the first story, the brother continued with the next: “God has done many miracles through us in the church – people have been healed. There is also a witch doctor near our church that people will give money to in order to be healed from their sicknesses. Sometimes, the witch doctor will give their money back, saying ‘I cannot heal you. Go to this church of Jesus.’” 

The power of Jesus Christ is so evident among this church that a witch doctor sees and notices. He recognizes that the power present among the people of Jesus is greater than his own power. 

God’s power through the gospel is enough to save priests of human sacrifice. God’s power through his people is greater than the demon power of witch doctors. Praise his Name!


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