“Let us resolve at once…”

Andrew Murray, one of the most deeply influential writers/pastors on my devotional and spiritual life, says this in His book Waiting On God:

“These all wait for thee, that thou mayest give.” Psalm 104:27
It is God who gives all: let this faith enter deeply into our hearts. Before we fully understand all that is implied in our waiting on God, and before we have even been able to cultivate the habit, let the truth enter our souls. Waiting on God, unceasing and entire dependence upon Him, is, in heaven and earth, the only true faith, the one unalterable and all-comprehensive expression for the true relationship to the ever blessed One in whom we live.
Let us resolve at once that it will be the one characteristic of our life and worship, a continual, humble, truthful waiting upon God. We may rest assured that He who made us for Himself, that He might give Himself to us and in us, will never disappoint us.

Do you believe that it is God who gives all?
What are you waiting for, and will you today look to God to give it to you?

Let this truth stand in your mind today: God gives all good things, and supplies our needs in due time. Look to God throughout the day, and when you do, acknowledge Him as the Giver. Expect that He has something to give you or show you. Wait for that to come.

Blessings to you!

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