A Letter to the Louisiana College Board of Trustees

Brothers & sisters of the LC Board of Trustees:

Thank you for your service to the kingdom of Christ as you help guide and protect Louisiana’s educational trust. I have been and will be in prayer for all of you as the coming meetings approach. On that note, I feel I must convey my concerns regarding the present happenings at my alma mater. 
First, please know that I love LC and attempted to serve it well as I was there from 2004-2008. I was BCM President for 3 years, LC Chorale President for 2 years, a Resident Assistant for 2 years, and the Head Advisor of Church Hall during my senior year. I had the honor of preaching at the student-led chapel my senior year, and Dr. Aguillard asked me to deliver the student address in our commencement ceremonies. Obviously my time at LC included some tumultuous days also, with the conservative shift which took place. During my years there, I often defended the actions and character of our administrators. Up until this point I have had only respect and appreciation for Dr. Aguillard and his leadership to return the school to its biblical foundations. I have even entertained thoughts of possibly returning to LC as a professor at some point in the future. I love Louisiana College, and my time there was pivotal in my Christian growth.
I say that to give perspective for what I must now say. It is with a heavy and bewildered heart that I must withdraw my support from the administration, and Dr. Aguillard in particular. The termination of gifted professors who heartily embraced and taught those doctrines contained in the Baptist faith and Message was, at best, perplexing. I did not expect this to be followed by what–for the life of me–appears to be an abuse of administrative power against those who have expressed dissent to his decisions. The censure and punishment of students who have publicly expressed disapproval with Dr. Aguillard is not in accord with righteousness. I grant that perhaps there are underlying reasons, but from what has been made known to the public I cannot see those reasons. Thus I must conclude that Dr. Aguillard is acting wrongly, and I cannot support him. 
As a fellow servant of Christ and an alumnus, I urge you and plead with you to hold LC’s present administration accountable in this. I’m not asking for Dr. Aguillard’s head on a platter, nor am I pretending to have all the information, but I am persuaded that Dr. Aguillard is obliged to consider his use of influence and repent of his apparent abuse of it. 
Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me to follow up or ask questions. 
May the Lord grant you all much wisdom and courage.

In the name and by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, 


5 thoughts on “A Letter to the Louisiana College Board of Trustees

  1. Daniel, thank you so much for this long-overdue letter. As I grew up (literally) in the shadow of LC, my parents were strong and constant supporters of that wonderful Christian institution. They unselfishly proved their support with many years of generous financial contributions to academics, to athletics, and to the growth and improvement of the campus. Mama and Daddy have been gone for over 10 years and I am so relieved that they are not here to witness the decline of the school they loved and supported. You were particularly kind in your remarks about Joe Aguillard but he certainly does not deserve your generosity. I strongly feel that the LC Board of Trustees must take deciscive action to benefit the school and to ensure its future. In short, cure the plague that has brought about the worst era in LC’s distinguished history and get rid of Joe Aguillard as soon as possible.
    I just hope that they have the courage to do this before it is too late!

    • Elizabeth,
      Thank you for the encouragement. Please pray with me for the meeting on Monday, as I am sure you’re already doing.


  2. May the Lord Jesus cause everyone involved to love Him more than our position in this world and make us to conduct ourselves as though an account will have to be given…..

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