A bit o’ yuletide verse

First, a new one:

Yuletide Muse
The yuletide Muse, that ancient one
who sleeps the year-long sleep of seasons,
stirs my soul as Poseidon the seas.
Spring, Summer, Fall – all are gone;
their various symphonies are silent,
having yielded to the immensity
of the yuletide Muse; of him
who quiets the heart with quilts of white
laid over memory’s fields. Peace!
He speaks a language not of words,
but of visions of things that were.
A family hearth, a familiar face,
the longing for the peace of love,
the joy of giving, the sound of song,
and all the snow I ever saw –
these he stirs to mind; thus moves
my heart. A language all his own,
but one that we yet understand.
Don’t silence him! No, we dursn’t,
lest he leave us all to soon.
Make merry, then! Let swell the tide
of the yuletide Muse’s music!
All dark and woe let us refuse;
let us be moved by the language of peace.

Now, two older ones:

lookingly, lookingly carols warm carols;
cold steals the edges of clear little pane’s light
and carols on carols on Jack-Frosty-nose nights,
with bright so many clear little glass lit
and shining from out bright light-halos from in.
singing and singing and warming to cold
and songs dedicated to kids 92-years-old
in lookingly, lookingly carols warm carols.
families in are families out with kids to listen
to caroling, caroling with breathfog and snowwind.
rosey red cheekies, all greenly scarf wrapped
to keep warm the carolers, caroling go
to warm-fuzzy listeningly keep back the snow!
walkingly caroling, warmingly songs
through streetlamps and trees lit and fullheart snowfall.
caroling, caroling, caroling we
carolingly sing; caroling be
delightfully warm this lookingly Eve.

Holiday Meal

a merry meal and oh so nice.
the children run
around the chairs where mixes
post-feast coffee and choice sweets.
delicious waftings linger;
are breathed deeply
to fill space too small for anything
except scent and coffee sips.
fingers warmed on snow-
painted mugs rest easily
as satisfied faces simply smile
and enjoy the fact of being.

And finally, if you’re not tired of poetry yet, here’s a link to the Christmas poem from last year:



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