“Greetings, you who are highly favored.”

Mother Mary 

Mary wondered at the words;

wondering what favor would be hers.
The bright man clothed in gleaming white
came to her in the darkness of night
when the glory of the shining light
made her heart fearful – a terrifying sight.
He told her the one true God had decreed
that His son would come, His throne would leave,
and that to her as His mother He would cleave.

Of course, taken aback, Mary with astonishment sees
the impossibility of this because of her virginity.
But immediately the angel assured her
and told her the Spirit would create the pure Son
within her womb – He who is Immanuel, Holy One.
“I’m the Lord’s servant.” said the soon to be mother,
and she submitted herself to the Lord above all others.
“My spirit rejoices in God my Savior!”
she cried out in joy, knowing that her Son would pay for
the sins and great debts of God’s righteous people
who were crippled by sin and whose hearts were feeble.
She glorified the Lord for His mighty salvation deeds
and would forever be the mother who birthed the Son – Jesus.

Born to a mother was the way that God chose
to send His perfect Son in among the world’s foes
among all other options. This undeniably shows
that in the great blessing upon Mary His daughter
the Lord showed great love for the womanly calling.
From the first generation of His people he decreed
that mothers must be honored, that He would be pleased
to give to those who did so long life and blessing.
The mothering task is a great, holy gift.
God bless all mothers, and the children who love them!


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