A Pastor Prays for His People

God of grace, you are the King eternal, immortal, invisible. You alone are wise.

O Lord…You, in your unsearchable wisdom, have called the people of this church. Out of your own creative intent, you have made us born again, by your own eternal election and your own daily preservation. You have placed us here for a specific purpose unto the glorification of your name. Jesus, glorify your name among this people! Out of your abundance, satisfy this poor shepherd and the flock with whom you have placed him.

Dear Father, we are so desperately in need of your grace in every moment, and yet we fail to recognize our need, to our own woe. And, being dependent upon you for each breath in each moment, how much more desperate and utterly helpless are we in the moments and hours in which pivotal, eternal impact is made? O God, we are bones and dust! We have no more ability to affect eternity than we do to overthrow your throne itself. We might sooner singlehandedly throw the earth into the sun. O God, help us! Make us like-minded! Put your Word in our hearts and protect us from Evil’s attempt to divide and devour. Send the Spirit to accomplish your eternal will through us.

O Lord Jesus, you are the King eternal. Work in us so that your kingdom might be expanded, that many would come to know you, and that your name would be glorified among all the peoples of the earth. Blessed be your Name, o God!

From August 25 and September 2, 2011.


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