Missions week

In honor of Global Evangelism Week (formerly known as missions week) here at Southern Seminary, I thought I might re-share some of the stories from two of my trips. May both of these bless you and encourage your heart to send the gospel to the nations.


First, the overview and summary of my time in Tunisia: Where There Is Water There Is Life


And second, the update e-mails I sent back home during my summer in India in 2006:



**Please do not reproduce this e-mail in print form. If you know of
someone who would like to receive this update, feel free to forward it
to them. I only ask that you be wise in doing so. Thanks! **

Well hello my friends and family!

I hope all of you are doing well and having a great summer thus far.
For those of you lifting me up, I appreciate it more than you know,
and I want you to know I’m doing very well and having an awesome time.

This is the second week I’ve been in S.E. Asia, and we just returned
on Saturday from about a 6-day trek through one of the valleys north
of where we’re staying. Our first week consisted of some orientation
meetings with quite a few other summer people, and traveling to our
particular area. This past week we stayed in a central village on a
ridge in the valley and could look out and see villages all over the
sides of the mountains around us. We would go out on treks each day to
walk through the vilages to try and meet people and talk to them and
share about Father and Son. We hiked as much as 14 miles up and down
and around the mountain one day, and another day we only went to one
village and hung out with a young man we met there. Throughout the
week it was amazing to see the opportunities we were provided by
Father. One thing we ask Him for is that people would open their homes
to us and welcome us. One day in particular was a good example of how
He blesses us in granting that request.
The first village we visited was high in the mountain, and we ate
lunch there and hung around in the street for a while, and none of
the many people around talked to us or even said hello. It was pretty
discouraging. So, after we left we went to Father in particular
fervancy to ask for people to welcome us. As we walked down the
mountain for a while without being in any villages we continued to
talk to Father about it, and He was certainly ready to grant us our
request. The first person we met was a friend of our guide and invited
us to sit in his apple orchard and talk, which we did for about 45
minutes, during which time my partner got to share his personal story
about how he came to know Father, and we were able to go to the Father
for him and ask Him to bless this man. After that, the next three
people we met invited us into their homes, the last two asking us to
spend the night even. Sadly, we were unable to accept the invitations
to spend the night, but wow! When Father grants requests, He really
grants them.
The entire week was much the same. We were invited in by so many
people, and had so many opportunities to share. Father sowed so many
seeds through us this past week, and it was amazing.
If you would like to continue to intercede for us, you can ask Father
to open more doors to people’s homes (literally), and that the people
would be able to discern the truth of the Good News and not lump
Father with the 3 million or so Hindu gods they already serve.
I thank you all for your support.
Have a great summer!

In Hs grace,
June 11, 2006


**Please do not reproduce this e-mail in print form. If you know of
someone who would like to receive this update, feel free to forward
them this message. I only ask that you be wise in doing so. Thanks!**

Hello everyone!

Again, thanks to all of you for all of your support. I truly
appreciate the intercession that all of you have done for me and my
team. We’re at the end of a couple days of rest, which have been very
nice. I went yesterday to an old-fashioned baber shop and got a shave.
It was excellent. it cost about a dollar to get a shave and a
back/hand/head massage after. Whew…I might be going there pretty
often while I’m here.

This past week was a good one. We had several days of rest, and also
added another member to our two man team. He will only be here for two
weeks, but it is nice to have another to trek with. We spent about 4
days in a village that was a bit larger than the last time. Our
friends that are here long term visited this town and found it to be
very closed, the people not welcoming at all. We found this to be the
case as well. By the end of our time there, we had only met and
befriended one man. We spent the days trying to trek around to some of
the villages around the town we stayed in, but they were fairly far
apart, and our guide seemed more interested in taking us to see local
temples. By the end of the second day of not meeting anyone in the
villages we went to and being ignored in the town we stayed in, we
were pretty discouraged. So, the three of us got together and had a
couple pretty intense sessions of intercession before going out on the
third day. It’s amazing what Father will do when you ask Him for
things in earnest. The third day we walked into a school near a
village to say hello to the school children. As we walked out of the
school and into the village, it began to happen. The men of the
village would come to their doors and wave us over, inviting us to
come in to have chai tea, or just to sit and talk. One young man even
called to us from hundreds of feet away to tell us to come sit with
him at his house. hewhaY truly opened doors in that village, and we
were able to share with every man we met. What a praise!

We’ll be going out for the next 5 days to several different towns.
Please continue to intercede for us. I truly appreciate all of you.
Take care, and be blessed!

In His grace,
June 18, 2006


**Please do not reproduce this e-mail in print form. If you know of
someone who would like to receive this e-mail, please feel free to
forward it to them. I only ask that you be wise in doing so. Thanks!

Howdy everybody!
I hope that all of you are doing well, and that the summer months are
being good to you.
Things have been excellent here, and our Father has done some amazing
things. I was just looking through my journal, and it is amazing the
number of doors that have been opened for us. We have met and been
able to share with around 40 people in the 3 weeks that we’ve been
here. What an amazing God we serve!

This past week was good. We had the chance to spend time in about 6
different villages. Each day we would hike out of the larger village
in which we were staying for several hours to a couple of the villages
nearby on the mountain. In every village we went to, we met someone
who invited us to have tea with them. One man we met we had a
particularly excellent experience with. His name was Kehdar, and when
we walked into his village he left his home to come and meet us. He
invited us in and we talked, and he served us chai tea and introduced
us to his family. As we sat and talked we had the opportunity to begin
to share the good news with him, after we had been discussing our
differing beliefs about what it takes to get to heaven after a person
dies. When we were done, I readied myself for the typical response
that we have gotton in this region after sharing: “Yes, yes. I believe
in Jesus. God is one, it is only how you perceive him.” But this was
the first time that a person we shared with did not give that answer.
After all the people we have spoken to, this man listened and heard a
difference. We learned later that he was in mourning because his
cousin had recently passed away…and even in that sorrow, he invited
us into his home and served us chai and listened to us. Another man in
another village brought us into his home, served us tea and had his
wife cook for us until we couldn’t eat anymore. The kindness and
generosity of the people here has been amazing.

The beauty of this place has been amazing too. Several times I’ve
found myself walking down some winding mountain road, or on a crowded
bus ride, just staring out over the mountains. I have to remind myself
that I’m halfway across the world in the himalayan mountains
sometimes, just to make sure I’m really experiencing this. I’ve wished
not a few times that pictures or words could do justice to what I get
to see, but they simply can’t…sadly.

Thank you all again for all of your support and care. And thank you
for your prayers, they are certainly needed and welcome.

Take care, and may you all be blessed, and blessed indeed.

In His grace
June 25, 2006


Hello everyone! As always, I hope this e-mail finds you all doing well.

I am certainly doing well at the moment. My partner and I are in the
tail-end of a long weekend of rest. Our supervisors decided to give us
a long weekend so we could rest and have a small July 4th celebration.
Our supervisors themselves are traveling at the moment, so it will
just be the two of us. However, to our surprise and excitement, we
were able to find fireworks in the bazaar here in town. So…we shall
light the skies tonight with a little fireworks show.

This past week was a difficult one. It seemed like we were putting
much more effort into what we were doing than we could see results
for. However, we did have the chance to meet some really wonderful
people. About the middle of the week we were trekking down a mountain
road and came upon what would turn out to be one of the most inviting
villages we have visited so far this summer. As we were walking past
the single row of shops, we were called into the one shop that was
open. As we sat talking with the owner and his brother, more of the
village men came up and joined in the conversation. In the end we had
passed out tracts, told a story about JC to these men, and been
invited back later in the day for lunch (which was excellent). We
spent several hours with these men that day, and had the opportunity
to share more with them than anyone else. It was truly a blessing.

It has been constantly on my mind this past few weeks how monumental
this work is; how many people there are here that are so lost.
Sometimes I just stand and look around at the people, knowing that
they are worshipping gods that are not gods at all, and knowing that
because of that they are in danger of an eternity seperated from my
Father, the one and only truth. What will it take for these people to
be saved? How can I and the others here communicate the need, and pass
on the passion gained for these people during our time here? I ask of
my Father that He would send more workers; that He would burder the
hearts of his saints with the need for prayer.

My time here is drawing near to a close, for now. With only two weeks
left I feel like there is so much more that I need to do, and I
certainly don’t have the time to do it all. So, I and my partner will
make the most use of our time, and continue to share at any
opportunity given. Here are some requests we have:

-that we would be bold in sharing, even to the point of humiliating ourselves
-more open homes and open hearts
-strength to continue going when we’re tired and mentally/physically drained
-guidance of the spirit to lead us
-for the Father to do his will here and show himself to this lost nation

I thank all of you so much for your support. I ask you to intercede in
earnest these next two weeks, as I know many of you are doing and will
continue to do. Thank you all so much, and may our Father bless all of
you richly.

In His grace,
July 4, 2006


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