Valentine’s Day poetry for single friends

He Does Not Withhold Good

Serpentine whisperings birth malcontent;
Introduce notions of Deistic selfishness.
“He forbids good fruit? Down with him,
The cosmically greedy egotist!
He knows that if you eat said fruit
You’ll enjoy god-like pleasures.
Thus he hoards them, and to boot
Threatens death for good measure.”
Thus believing God un-generous
They took upon themselves the task
Of providing good sans hindrance,
But realized dark truth at last:
Their Father had not withheld good,
And they had been deceived.
All good now tainted through their food –
They hid and wept, bereaved.

Thus, my friend, when the Lord
Seems to withhold some good from you;
When the fruit of love is stored
Out of your reach, here’s the truth:
God is not selfishly keeping
From you that which would delight.
He is all good, though for a season
Your requests for love He may deny.
Do not heed the Liar’s hate.
Believe instead, and place your trust
In the Word: “Oh, how great
Is the love God lavished on us!”

The absence of an earthly love
Must not make you covet fruit.
It is simply God’s way to prove
His all-satisfying goodness to you.


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