Let there be light

Let There Be Light

“Let there be light” broke the deeps
of pre-creation dark,
and shone down on the glorious deeds
of the eternal Father.
The air itself and all creation
was washed in golden breath,
and pulsing waves of joy unabated
soaked every hill and leaf.

What woe, then, was that awful day
when life was diminished in beauty!
Our parents rebelled against God and traded
light for the wisdom of fruit.

But extravagance must spill over,
infinite love must flood.
And the Lord of all creation showed
His extravagant love thus:
He sent His only begotten Son
as light and life for us!

The shadows of a broken world,
the wrath-inducing depths
were in a moment crushed and hurled
away, as the newborn wept.
Stature and wisdom both increased,
and then he spoke the words:
“I am the way and truth! Believe
and gain life eternal.
I am the light of the world.
Those who are at my side
walk not in darkness anymore
but have the light of life.”

The shining rays of glory grew
as He walked toward the cross;
by each whip stroke, with thorny crown
proving love’s great cost.
And as He hung, pierced and slain
for our iniquitous plight,
salvation’s light poured from His veins
and overthrew the night!
Thus echoed the beginning as God proclaimed:
“Through Jesus let there be light.”

Immanuel! God has come!
The Light of Life is shining!
Oh trust in Him! Believe the dawn,
and leave your sinful pining.

©2011   Daniel Lowry.   All rights Reserved.


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