Momma Dearest

My Momma is the woman that’s dearest to me,
and a simple thank you would never suffice.
Were it not my joy and duty to live for Christ
I might just as well live to honor her thoroughly.

The days of loneliness were painfully long
when Momma worked harder than 3 farmers:
up to get us off to school, for starters,
then to the office sans triumphant song;

work all day until the chime to leave,
to come home to cranky, rowdy kids
who were often oblivious to the pain she hid
and only asked, “Mom, when’s it time to eat.”

With mealtime done now to the work
of prodding lazy children to learn; to chores.
She runs the house alone, heartsore,
for just a friend to share the aching hurt.

The children sent to bed, professing love
which takes their mother’s presence for granted.
She to her room to rest, to the quiet land
where lonely tears cried for strength from above.

Oh mother! How we tried your patient love!
How stubborn were our young, thin hearts
as we, quite oblivious, knew only in part
just how much you gave to us.

Looking back now through those times
my heart breaks fully from swelling love,
amazed at just how much you did to prove
that you cared for us with sacrifice sublime.

Though it could never be enough, by far,
to say a word or two in response to a life;
a life lived which was not easy, but filled with strife,
and which gave so tirelessly and loved so hard:

Thank you! Thank you for everything you did;
for all the things which went unsung;
for all the times you poured out love;
for every tearful prayer you spent

to commend us to the Holy One.
It’s my joy to honor you,
and I hope thus often to do
by living for the Risen Son!

I can think of no greater gift
than to lay my own life down
before the one who wears eternity’s crown
so that more might sing His praises.

Oh mother, your faith rests solely
upon the golden shores of eternity,
where blessedly faithful maternity
produces glorious praise for Him only.

Your loving, constant care for me
showed me deeper waters of faith
that keep me still in trying times yet today.
Your faith was my nurturing.

A godly mother, who can find –
one who leads her family well,
who guards them against all schemes of hell?
Let me introduce you to mine!

Momma, dearest, what more can I say?
I love you deeply, and thankfully know
that our great God will one day show
the expansive reaches of your love’s sway.
I love you Momma. Happy Mother’s day!


©2011  Daniel Lowry.   All rights Reserved.


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