Proverbs 8:13 and a Gospel Poem

August 25, 2008

Proverbs 8:13 – “To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.”

Father, you have shown me a small part of how much my heart does NOT hate evil. I truly am a wretch Father! All day long I must battle the sinfulness of my heart. All day long pride and lust well up within me. Oh God forgive me! I want to please you. I want to honor you. I want to live out the reverent fear that I know should be present, but which my heart rebels against. Give me a holy horror and hatred of sin, God. I can’t turn my heart on my own.

Resolved: To continue to instantly ask forgiveness when pride, lust, anger, perverse speech, etc is perceived to be cropping up in my heart. Instantly. Fervantly.


Oh what great salvation
in me my God has wrought
by taking all my wretchedness
and sins to his death-cross.
Oh God! The blackest weight;
the vile, rebellious sin
did render my heart profligate
unto a hell-damned end.
And lathering up my bitter filth;
rejoicing in my guilt,
I payed no heed; did not see
the Father’s hand grasp the hilt
of that holy judgment sword
which must be spent on sin.
But I saw Christ when all God’s wrath
fell terrible on Him!
What judgment at the cross of Christ!
What awful, tremendous woe!
That one man perfect, pure, whole
carried every sin as His own
so that the infinite tide of wrath
which God must send or be unjust
might be drunk down to the dregs
by Christ, and not by us!
A judgment dark and woeful, sure;
the greatest ever given,
but with the woe comes whelming love:
the One who died has risen!
Oh glorious; incomprehensible!
The Savior paid my price
and rose to prove that God accepted
those bought by His sacrifice


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