Time to stop pretending

Journal entry – July 9, 2008

I often feel like a superhero, it seems. Not in the sense of having some super power, but in that I feel like I can do anything, or that my bravery/discipline/mental strength can go or be pushed to any length.

Obviously, I am mistaken. I have no super powers; my level of discipline is mediocre at best; I have proven this many times over. I am 23 years old, and it’s time to stop pretending. I am a normal man, and if I seek to be a great anything, I must commit to it at every moment. I must wrench my sodden feet from the mired mud of years of complacency and step forward, and continue to do so every single day until I have left the mire, and THEN I must trod unceasingly in the path God lays ahead of my feet.

This is the life I must lead…but at the same time, I must not be too consumed with my march forward to enjoy life as it passes me by. Discipline and appreciation must work together, or both will lose meaning. Constant focus and dedication must live side by side with awed appreciation.

God, grant me the consistency to lead such a life, and may you be the goal towards which I strive every single day!


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