Journal Entry: Prayer

From Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010

Lord, you have been kind to me. When I wake up, when I lie down, your kindness remains. When I sing your praise and when I turn my face to the world, in both moments you love me completely. Oh Father, THANK YOU for Jesus! I would be death if not for the heaven-sent Immanuel! Oh grace that is greater than all my sin – Lord send it down to me again. Cleanse me by your faithfulness, and renew the steadfast pursuit of holiness within me. Renew and strengthen the broken bones, and let me yearn fully after you. Oh Lord, you are my Rock and my Deliverer. Your strength sustains my utter weakness. So now, gracious Creator, look with love on your servant whom you have called and be near to me. Glorify your name in me. Dash me to pieces on your name, only let the world see more of you through it.

Blessed be the name of the Most Holy God.


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