An Open Letter to the Saints

An Open Letter to the Saints

      My dear brothers and sisters, I thank God for you and for your faith. I thank Him for calling your souls out of darkness and into His marvelous light; for transferring you from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His beloved Son.

As long as I am alive, my greatest desire for you will be that you would know Almighty God – the King immortal, eternal, invisible.

Now, we often speak in these terms: knowing God, and knowing Jesus. But O! How far short we often fall of allowing the golden weight of that aim to fall heavy on our hearts! To know God – that is our goal! To know the One who created all things; the One to whom we owe our existence; the One who upholds all things in every moment – this is the God we seek!

And my friend, my great desire is that in knowing Him you would be awed by Him! We are not strangers to awe. A sunrise over a chill morning, or a sunset behind the mountains, or the vast expanse of the oceans, and a thousand other things sometimes take our breath away. Awe and wonder wells up in our souls as we see and contemplate the glorious beauty of our surroundings.

And yet, these are only reflections of the Master! The most glorious scene of creation is but a dim echo of the eternal, rapturous beauty of the Creator. I pray that God would give you spiritual eyes, so that you might see the unyielding, burning glory of our great God. I pray that your breath would be taken away as you see God for who He is, in all His eternal beauty. O, that God would remove the scales from our eyes that we might be awestruck by His glory, which outshines the beauty of ten thousand sunsets put together!

Now, when God answers these prayers, there can only be one response: delight! The LORD of hosts gives us this command through the Psalmist: “DELIGHT yourself in the Lord…” (Psa. 37:4). Dear brother, dear sister – God does this, not by force, but by a revelation of His ultimately satisfying goodness.

There are moments in life when a circumstance or blessing or scene of beauty is so intensely good that we literally are filled to bursting with joy at it. A child we love grasps our neck and says, “I love you.” A scene of indescribable beauty in creation stops us in our tracks. The love of a spouse makes our heart ache until we feel like bursting. The fellowship and love of family gives us deep, comforting peace.

And dear brothers and sisters, all of these things are merely gifts given out of the abundance of the goodness of God! All good things flow from Him. The welling up of love in our hearts for a child or spouse, the peace and comfort in our family, the aching delight of beauty – all of these flow out of the limitless stores of beautiful goodness in our God! The most filling and delightful blessings we know in this life are like small streams of goodness which flow out of a limitless ocean of good beauty which is in God!

Dear brothers and sisters, if we can find delight in the streams, how much more delight is there to be had in the ocean!

O God,

show our feeble hearts the meaning of delight;

overwhelm our spiritual eyes with your beauty;

fill us full to capacity –

pressed down and running over,

and welling up –

with everlasting joy in your goodness!

Help us, King Jesus,

to see the incomprehensible strength,

the infinite mighty power,

the eternal victory in your right hand.


O God,

help us to see You and be satisfied.

Give us a feast of good,

that our cup might overflow

with joy in you alone.

Give us more joy,

and more delight and happiness,

and more awe and wonder

than we can bear.


O God,


with delight in you.

In our glorious and beautiful King-Savior,

Pastor Daniel


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