Summertime – good for more than just sunburns

So, one of the things they neglect to tell you in graduate school is that, regardless of your skin’s previous tolerance to the sun, at the end of a year of school your skin will be whiter than a fluffy-white bunny. After being shielded for months by library bookshelves from the need for any sort of melanogenesis, a bit of sun can be bit of a rude awakening. Perhaps each student could be given a small tube of sunscreen after taking his or her last final, with a small note alongside reminder him/her to apply it liberally, and then wear a thick wool blanket the first time out in the sun. The top of my arms look like someone took a red highlighter to them. It’s quite extraordinary, really.

Anyway, I know that it’s been quite some time since TOT blog has had any new fodder (the past couple months have been woefully and wonderfully busy, with church events and the end of school) but, as evidenced by the fact that I had plenty of time to go outside and get sunburned yesterday, I should have more time to put pen to paper…er…fingers to keyboard(?) during the rest of the summer months.

I’d like to post several times a week, though that may be slightly more ambitious than realistic. A couple good brothers in the Lord and myself are also working on launching a new blog to which we will all contribute. I’ll link that sometime once it gets running.

What are you doing with your summer? Let me challenge you to: read something, write something, study a language, learn something you’ve always wondered about, stimulate your mind. Summertime is good for more than sunburns and grass stains, so use the time to decide what you want to do with your brain, and DO IT.


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