I ask, God does.

If you read the last blog, you know that I’ve been thinking about prayer and have been convicted to pray more often, more fervently, and more specifically. As all these things have been going through my head, one of my many encouragements to rejoice in the great privilege of prayer was to remember answered prayers.

I wanted to share a few of these with y’all. Some of them are from old journals. Some of them are simply remembered. All of them are fairly recent, and are specific answers to specific prayers.

1. Oct 1, 2009 – Prayed that God would provide me with an opportunity to preach the Word

  • I began to have opportunities to supply preach Nov. 8th. One of those opportunities led into being called as the interim Pastor beginning Jan 1, 2010. That grew into a Full-Time pastorate beginning Sept 19.

2. Oct 1, 2009 – Prayed that God would enable me to provide a living for myself

  • Just a week later, I was given a tutoring job. This was supplemented by supply preaching and the interim pastorate. I am now completely provided for and well -supplied by my Church.

3. Jan 1, 2010 – Prayed that God would begin to renew, heal and enliven New Castle FBC through my humble preaching of His Word.

  • This is an ongoing prayer, and has received an ongoing answer. God has been very gracious to do a good work in His people here completely through His Word; in spite of the fact that I am inept and inexperienced.

4. Jan 1, 2010 – Prayed that God would send me to serve for a time in dark places so that I might encourage and build up his persecuted people.

  • A very short time after this prayer, having forgotten that I prayed it and wrote it down in my journal, I was introduced to an organization called Training Leaders International. Through this group, I went to Tunisia for 2 weeks and was able to meet and pray with various groups of persecuted Christians to encourage them.

7. On September 26, 2010, I got a phone call in the wee morning hours to come to the hospital bedside of a saint in my church whose family was gathered with her. The family, the doctors, and everyone in the ICU were quite certain that if there were not her last moments, they would be coming soon. I prayed with her that night and continually since then, and she is currently alive and living near family in Tennessee.

8. At the end of last year, a wonderful couple in our church who have been married nearly 64 years began to have some significant health problems. They had to spend months apart from each other, when they had never been apart all these years. The husband was in very poor health and significant despair. As I and the church prayed for them, they were preserved. Each made significant progress in their health. And they are now back living together and continually gaining ground in their strength and resolve to get healthy enough to come back to church.

9. There are MANY others, but I’ll end with a very recent one. I have been yearning for the opportunity to disciple people in my church in an 1-on-1 atmosphere lately. I was in my office yesterday praying, and I prayed that God would send me someone who wanted to know about the gospel and be discipled. I fully expected someone to catch me Sunday or after Wednesday prayer meeting and ask about this. What I did not expect was for someone to walk into my office 30 minutes later and tell me that they wanted to be involved in mission work and discipleship, but needed to know how to share the gospel. We talked for nearly an hour about the gospel and how this person could get involved in ministry in the future.

My friends, prayer is GLORIOUS. Do you realize that the eternal Creator HEARS our prayers and then acts in accordance with what we pray? How unfathomable! How humbling! How incredible! In the words of Francis Chan: “When I see all that God does through prayer…WHY do I do anything but pray?”

Be encouraged, and PRAY.


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