Day 5

This doesn’t fit the theme of winter/Christmas/holidays. I saw some pictures this morning, posted by a missionary friend of mine, of a sprawling city in Southeast Asia. It rested between gorgeous mountains, and was full of color and culture. But looking through the pictures what I was reminded of was that, despite the glorious beauty of the surroundings, the spiritual landscape there is terrifying – a heart-wrenching spectacle of demon worship; the worship of pieces of wood and plastic. There exists side by side God-glorifying beauty and terrifying hell-wrought spiritual slavery. That’s what I’m considering this morning.

The cohabitation of life and death

We see the elegance of Earth in all her charm and glory.
She preaches loud a heaven song, which words interpret poorly.
The darkness weighs heavy on my mind.
So many people who never know light.
Noble stones with booming strength and voices like a cannon
pierce our hearts with massive truth which falls like gospel manna.
Hideous evil lurks in malevolent lust –
eager for obscene misery; the vicious debauchery of your soul.
Oh heaven bright in earthen jars; contained in hearts of flesh!
Because we know the Savior-King, we are forever blessed!
The fatal wound has made him urgent.
The prince of hate, in rabid animosity,
races the day of his destruction.
Death will not gain a single step. his doom is sealed and sure.
We have this great hope in the form of the eternal Word
who by the cross became for us the living, risen Lord!


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