Day 4

Right, so the nice thing about following your own rules for a particular challenge is that you can make them up as you go along. In ex-post-facto fashion, I hereby declare that Sundays are exempt from Poevda-untChri…which is why I didn’t post one yesterday. I was simply following rules that I had not yet made up. Neat, huh?

Secondly, I declare Mondays to be reiteratively creative. So, here’s one I wrote last year, which fits the winter/Christmas theme. (I think I could possibly count the creation of the word “reiteratively” as a creative point for the day. Maybe I get 1.5 points for today…yea. That sounds good.)


lookingly, lookingly carols warm carols;
cold steals the edges of clear little pane’s light
and carols on carols on Jack-Frosty-nose nights,
with bright so many clear little glass lit
and shining from out bright light-halos from in.
singing and singing and warming to cold
and songs dedicated to kids 92-years-old
in lookingly, lookingly carols warm carols.
families in are families out with kids to listen
to caroling, caroling with breathfog and snowwind.
rosey red cheekies, all greenly scarf wrapped
to keep warm the carolers, caroling go
to warm-fuzzy listeningly keep back the snow!
walkingly caroling, warmingly songs
through streetlamps and trees lit and fullheart snowfall.
caroling, caroling, caroling we
carolingly sing; caroling be
delightfully warm this lookingly Eve.

Be sure to check out the 7-in7 blogs if you’ve been following them.




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