Day 2

Day 2 of Poevda-untChri is upon us. Elizabeth and Mary have updated theirs today also. Elizabeth is using something she wrote for a different online publication, which she can’t actually post. I can’t decide if this is cheating, or just killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Mary shows us that you can accomplish the creativity even when you have minimal time on your hands.

Here’s my entry for the day. I won’t lie, it grates on my nerves a bit to post something I haven’t had time to mull/edit.

The fields all have their own décor;

all wear their vastly colored robes.

Some play their mood in rolling mutes

while others sing in bright vibrancy.

A few will glare through rocky crags,

while many rest beneath green blankets.

But in the grayest months; the lack of warmth,

the hills become a brotherhood.

They put on their bright uniform

and huddle in their ranks to brood.

Chainmail of glistening crystal shines

and spears of oaken white stand tall.

They stand behind their still-green pines

which are not grayed by winter’s pall.

The hills are varied through the year,

but seem as one beneath the snow.


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