An update & a journal entry

The weather is beautiful here. I haven’t gotten to spend much time enjoying it, what with all the studying and reading I’ve been doing, but such is life. Should God grant them, there will be plenty of fall weather days to enjoy. I’m looking forward to next week, which we have off completely from class. “Fall reading days” as they call it. Awesome. There are perks to working your seat cushion off for a Masters I suppose. I’ll be busy with reading and writing all week, but I’m definitely going to try and fit in as much enjoy-the-weather as possible. Class has been excellent. I have a couple of midterms at the end of this week, so I’ll be preparing for those. The studying isn’t (as) tedious as most that I’ve ever had to do, simply because the subject material is so excellent. It’s a joy to study and learn.

I’ve been reading several good books lately, if you’re interested. One is George Mueller: Delighted in God, a biography of an incredible man of God. The other is still, if you haven’t heard me talk about it before, Personal Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Don Whitney. An incredible book!

I’ve also been visiting churches, and think I may have found one. Am praying for any reason I should not continue attending there. God has been gracious to provide for me, and I know he will continue to do so. He is good, and has brought me to where I am.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me; who is continuing to pray for me. I appreciate your prayers more than you know.

Blessings, friends!

Saturday, 9.26.09

“With trembling hand I write what I’ve just felt. In searching the scripture (Psalm 2 and Revelation 19) regarding the sermon Steven Smith preached on Christ as the highly exalted warrior messiah, I was overwhelmed with the majesty of Christ, of his absolute power and justice to condemn, and the unstoppable-ness of his judgment of the nations. The weight of the lost souls of the world seemed to rest upon me, with those I knew personally coming before my mind’s eye. I felt the doom of the impending wrath of God, and was oppressed with a fear and awe of him. I saw how all that the world chases after and offers is folly, a chasing after nothing. It is as grabbing at dust in a ray of sunlight, and Christ is the sun! I saw that Christ is the only profitable end; more – that he is the only end and all will meet him either as a child or as an enemy. My soul rejoiced that I am a child, but was thrown into anguish that there are so many who are not, and I begged God that he would lessen the number of those who would feel his wrath and perish in his judgment. I felt as if all else was folly but to serve Christ and beg others to enslave themselves to him. ‘His judgment cometh, and that right soon.’ Oh fearful and terrible in his wrath is the God that I serve.

Rejoice, oh my soul, that his wrath falls not on me! But anguish, oh soul, for those who will receive it. Oh God, be merciful!

I felt ready to die in the service of the Lord, pleading with the lost to be reconciled to him. May it be as the Lord wills it.”


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