The unquenchable call of unworthy men

Nearly a month into seminary, and I already feel significantly LESS qualified to teach or preach the Word of God…and yet I have never felt more strongly the call to do so.

God’s Word condemns the prideful heart within me, my lack of faith, my constant sinful rebellion, my lack of Christ-like love for people, my incorrect attitudes  towards the church, my lack of urgency for the gospel, my lack of passion, and a thousand other things. How incapable I am! How unqualified I am! How disobedient I am!

And yet I am called. I serve a great and merciful Christ, by whose blood I am completely and eternally forgiven. Praise God! Though my heart within me cries out “Woe is me!!” at the presence of my all-powerful, wrathful God, my soul finds no other resting place than there, with His Son. What a mystery of God, that He should choose the lowly things of this world for His glory and kingdom!

“The man who is called by God is a man who realizes what he is called to do, and he so realizes the awefulness of the task that he shrinks from it. Nothing but this overwhelming sense of being called, and of compulsion, should ever lead anyone to preach.” David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

“The great reason why we have so little good preaching is that we have so little piety. To be eloquent one must be in earnest; he must not only act as if he were in earnest, or try to be in earnest, but be in earnest.” Charles Haddon Spurgeon

May God grant an everlasting burden of fear for the task of preaching and teaching. May we never see ourselves as worthy, but always approach the pulpit or the teaching stage with fear and trembling, knowing that we speak as ambassador for and in the presence of the eternal God. May we be fervent in prayer, fervent in piety, unflinchingly committed to both. Oh God save us! We are unclean men! Blessed is your mercy! May we ever cling to you.


One thought on “The unquenchable call of unworthy men

  1. What a wonderful mystery! One of the most evident signs of spiritual growth in our life is the self-realization that we are so unworthy of such a calling.

    “For if I preach the gospel, that gives me no ground for boasting. For necessity is laid upon me. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”
    -1 Corinthians 9:16

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