A few scribbles

So, I occasionally dabble in playing with words. I don’t pretend that my quasi-poems are of any significance, but I enjoy fiddling around with them. So, for you amusement, here are a few scribbles. (My apologies to those of you who have any knowledge of poetry, as I’m sure this will be slightly painful to you. Ha.)

1. Plane Window
Bluebright sphere dripping light
smearing illumination
over the upside (which is down) of clouds.
The white wet with light below.
The unfathomable, impenetrable black above
seeming rife with needle-holes of light.
What is beyond the black
that shines through these perforations so?

2. A Psalm
Father, blessed be your name!
My soul within me cries out to you
in the midst of the day; in the morning; when I lie down.
Great and good is the Lord.
Great and good are you oh my God!
My savior and my joy and my strength
and all my good – my only good.
Blessed be the name of the Lord!
Oh my soul, stray not after less;
forget not the need for the deep breath
only to be had in Christ.
Love the Lord, oh my soul!

3. The Trees
Into the Trees!
Come down, you leaves –
All quaking, shivering, shaking, breaking,
Falling, dropping, fluttering –
Leaving tree’s grip for ground below
Atop the snow. Ah, will I ever know
The handsome, simple, grow-wither-grow
Of crunchy leaves atop the snow?
I shall yet know.
I shall yet know! For into the trees I go –
Away from man’s fickle and bland
Life that leads to softer hands.
But I will live as a hardened-hand man
With callous and blister and sun-brown skin-tan.
Into the trees, into the trees,
Far away, away, away from these.
Away, away, into the trees
Where wind whips and whistles round trunks
And willows hang their dainty shoelaces
And oaks and firs are birds’ bed-bunks
And evergreens turn skyward their bearded green faces.
Ah the trees! The trees!
I feel God’s soul in these and turn my gaze upward
With the evergreen shaking breeze.
Into the trees, into the trees –
Away from man and his sinful hands;
Away from cities cold and bland;
To look at windy evergreen and feel solid oak
And see more of God than the cities ever can.


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