Spurred on…

I’m reading J.I. Packer’s book “A Quest For Godliness”, which is about the Puritans: how they lived, preached, wrote, etc. If you are called to preach/teach READ THIS BOOK. If you desire to grow in your faith, being spurred on by example, READ THIS BOOK.

I’ve read 4 chapters, and (through God’s grace) I will never be able to look at the christian life or christian ministry in the same way again. I beg you, READ THIS BOOK!

I know that when someone says that something is “life-changing”, we often are immediately skeptical, either of the thing proclaimed to be thus or of the person saying it. We throw that phrase around flippantly:

“How was the ice cream?” “Life changing!”

However, for perhaps the first time, I can adamantly say that this
book, if read openly, with a desire to learn from the example of those
who were giants of faith, WILL change your life and ministry for the

I have been utterly convicted, encouraged, taught, humbled, and a whole host of other things simply by the overview of the Puritan movement, its writers, and their works. In fact, I plan on reading for myself as many of the numerous Puritan books cited as I possibly can. I am awed by their commitment to God, and to serving Him with all the fervency and honor that they possibly could.

Make the time to read this book. I beg you, brother: Make the time.


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