This semester

Well, I’ve been looking over my syllabi before classes start tomorrow, and I have come to realize just how busy I will be this semester.

For my Systematic Theology class, there are about 1,000 pages of material to read, plus a significant research paper to be completed.

My Spiritual Disciplines class requires roughly the same amount of reading, as well as a journal that will end up being around 13,000 words probably. Oh, and several tests.

And then, of course, there’s Elementary Greek and Elementary Hebrew.  Learning a language simply takes time. I’ll have to spend, at the VERY least, an hour a day for each, every day. However, since I’m taking both at the same time, I’ll probably need to spend more time than that.

All of this, of course, will have to be done in addition to working, participating in whatever church I join, having some semblance of a social life to keep me sane, and (if possible) sleeping a few hours every night.

I prayed recently that God would teach me discipline. I suppose this is the trial-by-fire, learn-it-or-die method of teaching.

Forgive me in advance for being hard to reach or unresponsive this semester.




2 thoughts on “This semester

  1. Dan,

    You are gonna do amazing! Even tho its going to be stupidly tough, God will make a way and you know it!! I just wanted to give you a little word of encouragement!! (I’m telling myself the same things I’m telling you hhaa!)

    Good luck!
    I miss you, friend!!


    • Thanks friend. Encouragement is much appreciated. 🙂

      And, of course, likewise for you. You’ll make it through, and learn an immense amount. No worrying!

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