This one thing I do…

Today is the first day of class for Southern Seminary. I spent this morning in prayer and in Proverbs, and decided 2 things:

  • If I do anything in seminary, if I gain anything from my time spent here, it must be this: To grow ever closer to my savior; to love Him more; to serve Him better; to glorify Him more; to be ever more awed by and submissive to Him.

If I go through my studies here and do not attain this, the time will have been wasted. What advantage will this time be to me if I leave – a master of greek, hebrew, philosophy and theology – and yet am no closer to my God? What advantage to the kingdom will I be if my studies outrun the advance of my passion for Christ? Why am I here if not to grow in grace and sanctification?

Father, give me the diligence to seek you first, not letting my studies replace or supplant you in my heart. Help me watch myself closely and make me able to discern when I have become too focused on knowledge and not focused enough on loving you more. Keep me from an idolatry of knowledge, Father. I beg you, bring my knees to the ground before your throne.

In light of that realisation:

  • I will be following the book of Proverbs every morning. There are 31 chapters, and I’ll be meditating on one chapter each day for 5 weeks (leaving out Sunday mornings, during which time I’ll be praying through Psalms).  Why? The stated purpose of Proverbs is this:

“…for attaining wisdom and discipline; for understanding words of insight; for acquiring a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair…” Proverbs 1:2-3

I may think about posting this somewhere as a devotional sort of thing. “31 Days of Proverbs-Driven Prayer” or something like that.

This one thing I do: seek to grow in grace and knowledge of my God, and to love Him ever more steadfastly.



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